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Our Story

GG Luxury Travel was founded with a simple dream: to explore the world, make unforgettable memories, and share the joy of travel with others.

At GG Luxury Travel, we believe in redefining luxury travel to make it personal, approachable, and fun. We curate bespoke adventures that speak to your soul, with a focus on creating meaningful connections and extraordinary experiences.

Our team of fun-loving explorers is dedicated to making your travel dreams come true. With a network of fantastic partners worldwide, we ensure every aspect of your trip is extraordinary.

Join us on this amazing journey where luxury meets excitement. Whether it's a romantic getaway, a solo adventure, or a family vacation, GG Luxury Travel is here to create unforgettable moments.

Get to Know GG

Gina Porter
Founder & Luxury Travel Designer

Gina has a wanderlust for extraordinary travel. Growing up in Mississippi, she was raised with southern hospitality and encouraged to pursue her dreams. If you know the Enneagram, Gina is a three and being a Connector is her favorite personal strength. After ten years in the industry, she founded GG Luxury Travel to offer transformative and immersive bespoke travel. She is driven by partnerships - with her clients (GG Globetrotters), the GG Team, and hotel and tour partners around the globe who are innovative and offer unforgettable experiences. Gina knows the difference between “off the shelf” and “oh wow” comes from compassionate listening, high-touch service, and always putting the traveler first.

Favorite Globetrotting Memory

Entering Machu Pucchu through the Sun Gate with 9 girlfriends after hiking and camping for 4 days on the Inka Trail.

A Wow Moment Designed for a Client

Our clients wanted their children to practice Spanish while in Spain. We organized a cooking class and the chef brought his son which was of similar age to speak and interact with the guests. Both families had a wonderful time together speaking Spanish.

Luxury Travel Beach Cove from OverheadLuxury Travel Beach Cove from Overhead

Meet the GG Team

Luxury Travel Designers

Kathleen Whalen
Kathleen Whalen
Senior Luxury Travel Designer
Leah Kennedy
Leah Kennedy
Luxury Travel Designer
Alicia Watson
Alicia Watson
Luxury Travel Designer
Jean Claire Bounds
Jean Claire Bounds
Luxury Travel Designer

HQ  Team

April Hillsman
GG Support Manager & Luxury Travel Designer
Janine Townes
GG Client Experience Manager
Caroline Massey
Social Media + Marketing Manager & Assistant Luxury Travel Designer
Suzanne Booth
Assistant to Kathleen Whalen

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